Silvia Uscov

Managing Partner

Silvia Uscov is a Managing Partner of the firm, overseeing the Bankruptcy and Restructuring workgroup. As an experienced business attorney, she draws on her experience in corporate law and commercial dispute resolution – litigation & arbitration. An experienced Human Rights lawyer, Silvia has safeguarded human rights and civil liberties through civil and criminal proceedings, in front of both local and international courts such as ECHR.

She has dealt with liquidations for the banking and industrial sector assisting a wide range of clients both on the side of creditors and debtors and representing two out of the three top banks in Romania, seeking debt recovery through courts against a few thousands debtors. Silvia has been legal advisor to a major Central European clothing retailer through their business expansion in Romania, negotiating with local business partners and advising the drafting of contracts.

Through her practice, Silvia has taken to the bar in various business crime cases involving prosecution by specialised criminal investigation units against both business owners and executive employees. Combining commercial and business law expertise with productive white collar defence career, she can effectively represent complex interests of both companies and their executives.

Silvia’s clients range from an agriculture business with 300 mil. € turnover, a British-owned business management consultancy, a media outlet and a major street furniture producer. As a defense attorney, Silvia defended a high ranking  executive in an unfair competition case against the claims of a French timber trading company.

Silvia has an LLM in Criminal Law and a Diploma in International Relations from the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and is a graduate of the Law School of the University of Bucharest. She is a constant content provider for, a very active website for the law practice community.

Silvia is a native speaker of Romanian, fluent in English and conversant in French.

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